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Formazione Internazionale


Since time the Water Academy has been carrying initiatives aimed at technical and management training in the Integrated Water Service field, also at international level.


International Water School


A source of knowledge that, like water, knows no boundaries.


The International Water School aims to stimulate global thinking in different countries around the world on the topic of water in all its forms and uses: as resource, as risk and as engine for territory development.


A training, research and development center in the field of water resource management that adopts various methodologies to cover all aspects of knowledge with a cross-disciplinary and transnational approach.


It encourages exchange among political figures, technicians and researchers and is the perfect setting to implement innovative training initiatives and scientific and communication events.


The Goals


An accessible space for experts, technicians and managers from around the world to learn about the water resource and the latest technical innovations to implement concrete projects in their own countries.


Cooperation and information exchange with participation of experts from partner institutions in meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops in a mutually supportive environment for common growth.


Sharing of experiences and skills with daily practice for best use of water resources and reduction of water shortage. A common vision on how to manage water policies among countries.


Consolidation of water diplomacy through the training of decision-makers in politics, especially in those border areas where the element of water may generate disputes.